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Production Guaranteed by the epidemic situation in the war: "epidemic" line, CEEG build a strong epidemic defense line, and production is carried out in an orderly manner

On July 20, COVID-19 broke out in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. CEEG resolutely implemented the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of governments at all levels, immediately entered the combat state, deployed and arranged at the first time, organized its own unit to focus on epidemic prevention and control and safe production, and went all out to fight the epidemic and ensure production.

Affected by the epidemic, colleagues in the sealed and controlled areas could not be on duty. CEEG production workshop adopted the methods of one person, multiple posts and multiple responsibilities, multi-post rotation, home office, and so on, allocated and supplemented personnel across processes, balanced production capacity, simplified the internal approval process, accelerated the downward speed of tasks and made sufficient response plans on the premise of ensuring quality. The production team benefited from the early multi-skill training, and the on-the-job employees quickly took up the vacant posts and worked overtime to catch up with the production progress. For orders with urgent delivery dates, CEEG production workshop shall timely sort out the latest project status and delivery requirements, coordinate analysis and prioritize, and form an emergency delivery plan to ensure that the delivery date is completed on time.

We cannot go to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, but we can also interpret responsibility with action, demonstrate responsibility with persistence, and deduce feelings with struggle, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic and ensure the completion of production tasks!

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