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Rushing Forward and Following the Strategic Journey Through the Cycle | Record the 2023 CEEG Nanjing Operation Center Marketing Elite's Tour of Building a Group in Southern Anhui!

Rushing Forward and Following the Strategic Journey Through the Cycle | Record the 2023 CEEG Nanjing Operation Center Marketing Elite's Tour of Building a Group in Southern Anhui!


Midsummer has arrived unexpectedly

heat wave

But it couldn't stop the fiercer passion of CEEG Corporation

More than half of 2023 has passed

In order to further promote and implement the spirit of President Lu's speech at the mid year meeting

Motivating excellent employees

CEEG Nanjing Operation Center

From July 8th to 10th

Organize excellent salespeople to stay away from the hustle and bustle of life

To the beautiful Huangshan City in southern Anhui

Starting a Tour of Group Building in Ink and Water Landscape



01 First stop: Jiaxi River Valley, where the torrent courageously advances

Our first stop was drifting on the Jiaxi River. When drifting, there were rapids, dangerous shoals, and hidden reefs. Together, everyone experienced the spirit of struggle and boundless pride that Chairman Mao wrote in "Spring in Qinyuan, Changsha": "To hit the water at the middle stream, waves stop flying boats.

In the process of drifting, there are those who drift downstream, those who stand still, those who run aground on mudflat, and those who overturn and fall overboard. All of this makes people exclaim: firstly, choosing direction is more important than striving. Secondly, taking advantage of the situation is more important than rushing around. Thirdly, only by courageously advancing through rapids can one cross hidden reefs and rapids. Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, it precisely coincides with the theme of Mr. Lu's speech at the mid year marketing conference, closely following the strategy and crossing the cycle. Firstly, the company's strategy is the direction to move forward, the guidance to move forward, and the marketing to follow. Secondly, to cross the cycle, one must take advantage of the midstream, advance bravely in the current, and overcome all difficulties. To smooth out the rough roads and overcome the difficulties before starting. Only after enduring countless hardships can one obtain the true scriptures and achieve positive results. This true scripture is the methodology pointed out by Mr. Lu, and this positive result is the big fish pond that Mr. Lu often talks about.

02 Second stop: By the Xin'an River, bravely carrying heavy burdens



Deep pools and shallow shoals, ten thousand turn out of Xin'an. Roaring at the end of the green apple, singing at the white clouds. Xin'an River Landscape Gallery is a national 4A level scenic spot. Boats walk in the water and people swim in the paintings. The river is clear and bottomless. There are many Hui style dwellings in between. The white walls and black tiles set off harmony with each other, and the Stepped gable rises high in the sky. The old red makeup of Zhangtan and the millennium old camphor tree highlight the unique charm of Huizhou culture.

Jiusha Ancient Village, nestled by mountains and rivers, has three carvings in Huizhou. The brick door cover, stone window, and wooden pillars are particularly impressive. There is a local folk saying that has been passed down: endless fishing in Zhangtan, endless singing in Miantan, and endless chopping in Jiusha firewood. Nowadays, the villagers of Jiusha no longer rely on chopping firewood for a living, but have brought tourists a "firewood challenge" competition and entertainment activity. This sparked a fierce competition among the elite members of China Electronics Corporation (CEC) who had traveled here, each rubbing their hands and trying their shoulder strength. Jia Feng, Tan Zhi, and Deng Yongchao directly pointed at the heavy burden of 168 pounds, achieving the "great master" of the generation! Secretary Zong, who weighs five out of seventy, carries a heavy load of 128 pounds without changing his face and is at ease, earning the reputation of being "world-renowned". As the saying goes, "many employees of China Electric Corporation have great aspirations, bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities and achieve excellent results." From the elderly to the young, this is the relay inheritance of several generations of China Electric Corporation's fearless difficulties and dangers, and it is also a continuation of the spirit of hard work and struggle.

03 Third stop: Millennium Hongcun, showcasing the grand plan

Hongcun is known as the "picturesque countryside" and its main attractions include: Spring Dawn in South Lake, recitation in academies, Moon Marsh Wind and Lotus, Niuchang Water Canal, Shuangxi Yingbi, ancient trees in front of pavilions, and the sunset of Leigang. Hongcun is a five-star tourist attraction, one of the first 12 historical and cultural villages in China, a national key cultural relic protection unit, and also a patriotic education base in Anhui Province.

This used to be the shooting place of the Oscar winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon starring Chow Yun-fat. The village was also called "Ox shaped Village" because it was completed in the shape of a cow. Zhongdian Electric is also a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and all sales elites from the Nanjing Operations Center gather here. The "ox" of Hongcun not only represents the resilient and pragmatic pioneering spirit of generations of Huizhou merchants who have emerged from Huizhou, but also complements the deep cultivation and innovative spirit of China Electric Corporation in the transformer industry for more than 30 years. People from China Electronics Corporation visit the ink and wash village, savoring the ancient charm of a thousand years, appreciating the contemporary beauty, promoting the spirit of young cattle, pioneering cattle, and old scalpers, carrying forward the past, forging ahead, and showcasing the "grand" picture!

04 Fourth stop: In the Jade Valley, search for the original intention


Named after "jade" and "jasper" here, it is natural that one cannot do without the color tone of green - many streams and ponds are either deep green or light green, either thin jade or lake blue - in the pedestrian valley, the heart is relaxed and pleasant, and the sound is like a painting and a song, which cannot help but evoke the scene in the poem of "clear springs and stones flowing upstream".

Legend has it that in 1988, before the development of the Jade Valley, 36 young men and women traveled together. However, due to the bumpy road, they were lost for a while, and ultimately, they were able to escape the danger due to mutual encouragement and support. Share weal and woe, never forget your original intention, and build deep affection together. This team building trip poses a threat to the safety of the team, whether it is encountering continuous rain, slippery roads, or encountering scorching summer sun, or walking into ancient towns and deep and winding mountains. However, the sales elites of China Electronics Corporation (CEC) have been helping and supporting each other along the way, with fully equipped logistics personnel, raincoats, and the ability to handle various unexpected situations with ease. All of these demonstrate the deep friendship of CEC people in sharing difficulties.


A three-day journey, with two days of rain and one day of sunshine. CEC people not only experienced the dense and winding ancient villages in southern Anhui, but also felt the burning sun in Mount Huangshan Emerald Valley. As the chairman said in his mid year speech - the four seasons have cycles, the economy has cycles, and the weather also has cycles. Isn't this a test of nature for us? When the continuous rain is shining in the clouds at this moment, the hearts of the people of Zhongdian have added a sense of bravery and open-mindedness!

Looking back on the journey, whether it was the difficulties at the beginning of entrepreneurship, the hardships in the middle, or the cyclical challenges currently experienced, all tested the sincerity, confidence, and determination of the people of China Electric Corporation. It was the people of China Electric Corporation who were fearless of difficulties and supported each other that walked through every difficulty with a smile. I believe that the majority of people from China Electric Corporation will remember the guiding spirit of the chairman's "keeping up with strategy and crossing the cycle", and will once again become pioneers in the surging tide!

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