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Service Strategy Crosses the Cycle: 2023 CEEG Vocational and Technical Department Work Conference Held grandly

Service Strategy Crosses the Cycle: 2023 CEEG Vocational and Technical Department Work Conference Held grandly

The strong wind fills the sea and the distant sky, and the lion strides on a new journey. To systematically summarize the company's business situation in the first half of the year, identify problems, analyze the situation, clarify goals, comprehensively clarify the work ideas for the second half of the year, and deploy and mobilize the work for the second half of the year. On July 18, 2023, CEEG Corporation organized a functional department work meeting for the first half of the year at the Jurong factory. Through work summary and deployment, increase the cohesion and Centripetal force between teams, clarify the strategic layout and determine the future development direction.


Company leaders and heads of functional departments attended this meeting, with Lian Junshan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Office Director of CEEG, presiding over the meeting.


一、Highlighting Achievements and Finding Shortcomings to Promote Improvement

During the meeting, the Human Resources Department, Finance Center and other departments successively reported on the work situation in the first half of 2023, reviewed and analyzed the completion of target tasks, faced work problems, and solutions, and made detailed plans for the key work in the second half of the year.

Each department highlights data, showcases style, and is based on facts and guided by goals. Looking back on the first half of the year, we overcame difficulties, made cautious decisions, achieved high collaboration, refined management, and strengthened operations. The first half of the year started smoothly, with frequent highlights, and successfully achieved the established goals. Of course, there were also shortcomings in the work in the first half of the year. During the meeting, various departments analyzed the reasons vertically, identified gaps horizontally, identified shortcomings, reflected on the root causes of the problems, formulated corrective measures, and clarified development ideas. The goal of summarizing achievements, reviewing problems, and improving rectification has been achieved, laying a solid foundation for the company's work plan for the second half of the year.

二、Exciting comments

Sun Xiaowu, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Trade Union, Gao Xiang, Assistant to the President, Zong Hongqi, Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Fang Xiang, Executive Vice General Manager of China Electric Binjiang Factory, and Zhang Xinrong, Deputy General Manager of China Electric Transformer Company, gave excellent comments on the work reports of various functional departments.

三、Enhance the "Three Forces" 


Dr. Lu Han, General Manager of Zhongdian Electric Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd., listened to the semi annual work reports of various departments and proposed that the core backbone should enhance the "three strengths". The first is adaptability. Department heads should innovate and re innovate, change their thinking patterns, formulate their own norms and standards, and comprehensively enhance their core competitiveness; The second is self driving force. Backbones should be spontaneous, self breakthrough, self driven, strive to be a source of power, and drive the "China Electric High Speed Railway" to achieve stability and progress; The third is self-control. In any environment, we must adhere to the bottom line of value. Only in this way can organizations upgrade and individuals progress while enterprises develop.

四、Five requirements


Chairman of CEEG, Mr. Lu, delivered a concluding speech. Mr. Lu pointed out that the semi-annual functional department work meeting is to communicate with each other, learn from each other, identify problems, summarize and fight again. The results of the first half of the year have proven that China Electric Corporation has turned a new page. Subsequently, Mr. Lu proposed five requirements: firstly, learn to summarize and reflect. Mr. Lu requested the attendees to summarize and reflect on their work goals, set priorities, and address key issues. The second is to solve problems in a timely manner. We should promptly solve the problems that have been discovered and be good at grasping the main contradictions. The third is to establish work goals. Mr. Lu requires everyone to be result oriented, establish goals, believe in the power of belief, and believe in the power of goals. Fourth, strive to become a source of power. Mr. Lu requires every team and every employee to be spontaneous and strive to become a 'spontaneous driving force'. The fifth is to improve execution. On paper, one must always feel shallow, and never know that one must practice this matter. Mr. Lu called on everyone to improve their execution and turn ideas into productivity.

Chasing the wind and the moon, don't stop. The spring mountain is at the end of Pingwu. Halfway through the 2023 journey, CEEG will closely follow the strategy, know difficulties without fear, overcome difficulties with courage, strive for progress in difficulties and stability towards the annual goal, and strive to provide high-quality products for customers and output high-quality power for the world!

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