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Meet Jinan: Join hands with Shandong Sanhui Yiwang to create a new model of energy conservation, safety, and environmental protection!

Meet Jinan: Join hands with Shandong Sanhui Yiwang to create a new model of energy conservation, safety, and environmental protection!


Jinan, Shandong

Midsummer is quiet and beautiful, with the heat gradually rising. From July 20th to 22nd, CEEG, in collaboration with the Building Electrical Professional Committee of Shandong Survey and Design Association, the Building Electrical Professional Committee of Shandong Civil Engineering and Architecture Society, the Shandong Intelligent Building Technology Expert Committee, and the Shandong Building Electrical Technology Information Network (hereinafter referred to as the "Three Meetings and One Network"), held a full text mandatory "General Specification" electrical design difficult issues training activity.

On July 21st, invited by the "Three Meetings and One Network", CEEG delivered a speech on "Assisting in Building Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection, and Safety Models" to participants. On that night, the "CLP Night" dinner was held successfully. Many outstanding Electrical engineer gathered together to talk about the growth path of the electrical industry in the green energy era, explore more development possibilities, and witness CLP's new power for the industry.

01 Invited Lecture: Building an Energy Conservation, Safety, and Environmental Protection Model


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development has recently released numerous general specifications, including the "General Specification for Building Electrical and Intelligent Construction", "General Specification for Building Fire Protection", "General Specification for Fire Protection Facilities", "General Specification for Building Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Utilization", "General Specification for Building Environment", and "General Specification for Safety Prevention Engineering". These specifications are all mandatory engineering construction specifications, and all provisions must be strictly implemented, It indicates that the requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection in future building electrical design are becoming increasingly high. As a leader in safety, energy conservation, and environmental protection, CEEG is invited to participate in the promotional activities of this training conference.

During the training, Chen Bangxiu, a senior engineer of CEEG, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Helping to build an energy conservation, environmental protection and safety model". Chen explained the current development trend of transformers in combination with the energy trends of the International Energy Agency, China, the United States and Shandong Province, and introduced the advantages, new energy efficiency standards and economic benefits of CEC amorphous alloy dry-type transformers in combination with the full text of the mandatory General Specifications.

Chen Gong emphasized the strong technological research and development advantages, advanced production and testing equipment, manufacturing capabilities, strong strategic partner suppliers, high production capacity and delivery capabilities, as well as pre-sales and after-sales service support capabilities of CEEG, as well as the product advantages of amorphous alloy dry type transformers, including independent amorphous alloy core production lines and processes, unique three-phase three column patented technology, low no-load losses, and superior to national standards, Low noise, superior to national standards, intelligent terminals, and intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities. The attending engineers gained a certain understanding of the performance of the amorphous alloy dry type transformer products of China Electric Corporation, and developed a strong interest in the usage scenarios and delivery engineering cases of the products. After the meeting, they went to the China Electric exhibition booth to consult and exchange ideas with engineers such as Chen Gong.

02 Night of Zhongdian: Playing the Leading Song of Jinan Electric Circle


At the foot of Hero Mountain, a night of Zhongdian Electric brand is slowly beginning. The "Zhongdian Night" brings together electrical industry leaders and experts from major electrical associations and design institutes to discuss a new future of energy conservation and environmental protection in the electrical industry, playing a pioneering role in the Jinan electrical industry's striving to become an industry model. Wang Jinyuan, former Executive Vice Chairman of the National Building Electrical Technology Information Network and former Chairman of the Building Electrical Branch of the China Architectural Society, Sun Chengqun, Chief Electrical Engineer of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Zhang Zhao, Chairman of the Association, Information Network and Executive Vice Chairman of the Society, Fang Xiang, Executive Vice General Manager of China Electric Binjiang Factory, Lian Junshan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Electric, and Yin Juan, Sales Director of China Electric, Chen Bangxiu, Chief Engineer of China Electric Corporation, and other leaders attended the banquet.

The banquet opened with the opening speeches of General Manager Zhang Zhao and Secretary Lian Junshan.

The "General Specifications" recently released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development is a strong implementation of the "dual carbon goal". In the future, energy conservation and emission reduction, and creating green electrical energy are the general trend. The construction industry practices the "dual carbon goal", with designers' design philosophy as the guide and green and energy-saving electrical products as the cornerstone. Designers need to play a pioneering role in introducing green, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving concepts in the design process of construction projects, especially in formulating emission reduction standards for power supply, lighting, and building materials. The "Three Meetings and One Network" organization of this event aims to provide a platform for communication and call on designers and outstanding enterprises to jointly promote energy conservation and emission reduction control in the construction industry. Finally, Mr. Zhang expressed gratitude and appreciation to China Electric Corporation for its deep implementation of the "dual carbon goal" business philosophy, and welcomed the guests on site.


Secretary Lian delivered an enthusiastic speech. He first expressed gratitude to the leaders of the "Three Meetings and One Network" on behalf of CEEG and Chairman Lu for hosting the China Electric Night Dinner in Jinan, a beautiful city with "four sides of lotus flowers and three sides of willows, one city of mountains and half a city of lakes". He also quoted the poem from Master Mengguan, "The world is beautiful, and there are many famous people in Jinan from ancient to modern times." He expressed sincere gratitude to the experts, elites, and leaders who attended the dinner! Subsequently, he also specifically introduced the "New 123 Strategy" and "Two Steps" promotion activities proposed by Chairman Lu of China Electric Group. Secretary Lian pointed out that China Electric Corporation and Shandong's "Three Meetings and One Network" have a deep connection, a broad foundation of cooperation, and a common technological pursuit. He hopes to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with experts, scholars, and industry leaders present, and work together to achieve mutual progress and win-win results. Finally, Secretary Lian sincerely invites experts to visit and guide the second largest island of the Yangtze River, Yangzhong, Jiangsu, and the digital intelligence production base of China Electric Corporation.


The night gradually rose, and the lobby of the United Logistics Hotel was brightly lit. Programs such as "Beyond Dreams", "Sonic Roses", "I Believe", "My Future is Not a Dream", and saxophone performances exploded on site. The lighting was brilliant and dreamy, and this unique music party directly ignited the entire audience, bringing a unique summer passion to the guests present. In addition, the performance of "My Life" by Secretary Lian resonated with the guests on site, with continuous applause.

At the beginning of the bright lights, the night is still shining. When food meets wine, how can one disappoint? Tasting and selecting a feast of delicious food, toasting and exchanging ideas, the topics gradually improved. In this joyful and relaxed atmosphere, the guests raised their glasses and chatted freely, taking this opportunity to explore better cooperation in the future and discuss the future energy-saving development path of the electrical industry.

In the endless communication, the entire article forced the training activity on difficult electrical design issues in the General Specification and the night of China Electric Corporation to come to a perfect end. I believe that with the support of the "Three Meetings and One Network", the direction of building electrical energy conservation will be clearer. In the future, China Electric will increase cooperation with major association platforms and design institutes, expand multi-dimensional research and development production models, and safeguard the green operation of the electrical industry.


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