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Our story begins with trust and loyalty to the profession

Recently, CEEG received a letter of praise from the Beijing Tianjin Hebei IDC Project Department of China Post Construction Technology Co., Ltd., was expressed the thanks for the after-sales service team of amorphous alloy transformer represented by Yao Qinghua for their serious and responsible professional attitude and rigorous and meticulous professionals.

CEEG Transformer Co., Ltd.:

Your company provided China Post Construction Technology Co., Ltd. with a batch of amorphous alloy transformers for the China Telecom Beijing Tianjin Hebei big data Industrial Park project. It took two months to guide the installation from the arrival site. At present, 22 transformers have generated electricity. First of all, I would like to thank the after-sales service team represented by Yao Qinghua of CEEG Transformer Co., Ltd. for its serious and responsible professionalism and rigorous and meticulous professionalism.

In these two months, due to the complex conditions of the cross-construction site and insufficient lighting conditions, the after-sales personnel shuttle back and forth between the transformer and various high and low-voltage distribution equipment with a flashlight, overcome the difficulties and complete the laying and connection of the second signal line as required. Every time they visit the site, the light in the dark is always the epitome of Yao Gong and his team's hard work, aiming at the problems in the process of on-site installation, Yao Gong can always put forward solutions at the first time and complete them in time.

Finally, I would like to thank Yao Gong again for his hard work on the phase I project of China Telecom Beijing Tianjin Hebei big data Industrial Park. I hope your company can make persistent efforts, carry forward the fine tradition of "being urgent to customers and thinking about customers", maintain an excellent style of dedication, professionalism, unity, and cooperation, support our work as always, and jointly make greater contributions to the business development of China Telecom Data Center.



Beijing Tianjin Hebei IDC Project Department of China Post Construction Technology Co., Ltd

In 2020, CEEG successfully won the bid for the first batch of general contracting projects of Beijing Tianjin Hebei data center construction project of China Telecom Beijing company - bid section 1 project, with a total of 68 amorphous alloy transformers. After reaching the cooperation, the company attaches great importance to it and requires relevant leading departments to fully cooperate and follow up and coordinate in the whole process to ensure that all links are safe.

Customer satisfaction is the biggest goal of CEEG. All leaders of the company and employees of all functional departments and production divisions fully cooperate to support sales. CEEG's after-sales service team has good service awareness and emergency response-ability. It can give effective feedback to the problems raised by customers at the first time, and strive to bring customers the most timely and perfect after-sales guarantee.

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