Modular Intelligent prefabricated cabin substation

Kategorie:Box type substation series


Modular Intelligent prefabricated cabin substation makes the construction of your substation simpler and more flexible,

Integrated services make the project investment and construction cycle short, safe and efficient

Product features and advantages:

Design customization

Customized according to the actual needs of the project site environment

Prefabricated modular, flexible and fast assembly

The manufacturing, assembly, test and joint commissioning of all electrical equipment are completed in the factory and modular assembly is carried out on site

Intelligent monitoring integration

Realize the integration of electrical monitoring, video monitoring, environmental monitoring and other intelligent detection according to customer needs

System service integration

Realize integrated integrated platform services for background monitoring and SCADA system, substation intelligent monitoring system, fire control monitoring system, video monitoring system, environmental monitoring system, etc

Main electrical equipment and system composition

Various medium voltage switchgear of 40.5kV and below

Power and distribution transformer

Low voltage switch cabinet

Medium and low voltage frequency conversion cabinet, reactive power compensation cabinet and filter cabinet

Secondary relay protection panel, background control panel and field engineer station

UPS uninterruptible power supply, secondary DC panel

Shell and auxiliary system composition

Shell, base, base plate and grounding

-Welding of channel steel main body, angle steel and steel beam support

-The primary and secondary cable room is designed under the bottom plate, and the electrostatic bottom plate of the secondary compartment is designed

-Ring equipotential grounding copper bar

-The wall adopts galvanized sheet and spraying

-Heat insulation and heat preservation -- polyurethane fireproof and heat preservation material and refrigerator heat preservation process

-Door - with latch and escape push rod lock

-Air conditioning and ventilation - micro positive pressure air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification and dust prevention are adopted

Electrical fire alarm and fire fighting system

Intelligent smoke detector, audible and visual alarm, propane gas fire extinguishing, fire protection system linkage

Wireless temperature measurement, partial discharge, infrared thermal imaging and other electrical intelligent monitoring systems

Wireless temperature measurement of high-voltage cables and electrical connection points, partial discharge monitoring of key components, intelligent monitoring of infrared thermal imaging, parameter threshold setting and alarm push

Intrusion, environment and video surveillance system

Door intrusion, temperature and humidity, water level and video monitoring integrated service

Auxiliary power distribution and lighting system

Maintenance, socket, air conditioning power supply system, internal lighting, external lighting and emergency lighting