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Customized solution of CEEG transformer

Customized transformer project of intelligent vehicle-mounted mobile substation

Project Description: the project is to optimize and combine high and low-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low-voltage distribution equipment, intelligent system, etc. into a compact complete power distribution device, which is installed on a movable trailer to realize a temporary power supply. The project is applied to the places where the military needs the frequent movement of electrical equipment. It is used for receiving and distributing electric energy in the distribution system. The product model is scb10-630 / 10

Characteristics of transformer demand of the project:

1. High altitude of 5000 meters, 2000 meters, high-pressure requirements

2. It can move with the vehicle, and the mechanical performance requirements are improved

3. Small installation space. The width requirements are particularly high

4. Poor heat dissipation conditions and high-temperature rise design requirements

5. The accessories and the connection parts with the transformer as a whole meet the speed requirements of 80km / h

6. The customer sends professionals to participate in the supervision of the whole process of product quality and improve the management requirements of the project


1. The company establishes a project team, technical process team, business procurement team, and production quality team

2. The technical team communicated with Yingkou xinshanying alarm equipment Co., Ltd. in the early stage of technology, signed specific technical agreements and determined quality control requirements

3. According to the requirements of national standards on high altitude, two sets of schemes and two sets of new molds are designed for 5000 meters and 2000 meters respectively. The product structure design shall fully consider the mobile requirements and learn from the suggestions of Party A.

4. Determine the solution of heat dissipation and fixation in the box with the box manufacturer

5. Accessories shall be purchased separately, and a special process shall be adopted for connection and installation

6. After more than ten kilometers of mountain road bumping tests around the company, the marked displacement line meets the technical requirements.

7. Formalized records of all process nodes

8. After the on-site acceptance, the goods shall be delivered, and the raw material certificate and other special requirements shall be added to the delivery data

The project delivered 30 sets in one batch, 69 sets in the second batch, and 166 sets in subsequent orders, which improved the comprehensive ability of customized transformers in specific industries of the company!

Hubei Kuanyan IDC data center transformer project

Our company has successively won the bid for the centralized procurement project of data center and accumulated many years of experience. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have successively cooperated. The transformers required for the project are:

Scbh5-2500 / 10 voltage ratio 10.5/0.4 impedance 6%

Sc10-10000 / 20 voltage ratio 20 / 10.5 impedance 8%

Project demand characteristics:

1. Energy saving requirements are high, and the data center belongs to the unit of high energy consumption

2. The load rate is high, and the data center operates at high load for 24 hours

3. Precision equipment and key equipment have high requirements for voltage fluctuation rate

4. Third party acceptance test

Technical proposal:

1. The technical team is directly connected with Huawei Hubei Kuanyan IDC project team

2. The three-phase three column amorphous alloy dry-type transformer patented by CLP is adopted

3. Design 10000kva 20kV impedance 8% epoxy cast dry-type transformer

4. Determine all test items with the third-party testing company and send professionals to cooperate with the third-party on-site testing

5. Technical data and professional docking services