Cooperative Partner
Strategische Kooperation
Strategic Cooperation
  • DuPont, the world's top 500

    In 1999, the first Nomex in the industry was developed in cooperation with DuPont ® Dry type transformer insulation system.

    In 2001, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DuPont, which defined the development concept of "walking with giants and keeping pace with the world".

    In 2004, CEEG won the DuPont global sales award.

    In 2012, CEEG and DuPont signed a strategic cooperation agreement to expand all-round cooperation in the fields of transformer, photovoltaic and new materials.

    In 2018, CEEG signed a DuPont agreement with DuPont ™ Lei Litong ® ReliatraN ® Brand authorization.

    In 2020, CEEG and DuPont China signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It marks a key step forward for the strategic cooperative relationship that has flourished over the past years, and creates a new situation of developing hand in hand with giants.

  • Aetna

    In March 2020, CEEG cooperated with Aetna to tackle key technical problems in batch production of amorphous dry transformation. It took more than 200 days to develop new strips with unique process, low noise level and first-class product performance.

    In December 2020, CEEG and Aetna signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides worked together with design institutes and general contracting units in the industry to carry out all-round cooperation, promote amorphous alloy dry-type transformers, and build and layout overseas business units at the same time.

  • Fang Rong

    On January 16, 2021, CEEG and Fangrong technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The key cooperation directions of the two sides mainly include power distribution monitoring, intelligent operation and maintenance, energy management and other aspects, so as to maximize the use of the advantageous resources of both sides, jointly serve the era of energy Internet and take the cooperation to a new level.

  • CRRC group

    In early August 2020, CEEG and CRRC signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the business of CRRC system and the development of CEEG amorphous alloy dry-type transformer in Hunan market based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. From August 26 to 28, CEEG and CRRC met in beautiful Changsha to carry out technical exchange activities for three selected design institutes: China blue Changhua Engineering Co., Ltd., China Machinery International Engineering Design and Research Institute and Hunan Chemical Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Sino German joint venture foslow (Anyang) track equipment company

    On June 1, 2020, the Sino-German joint venture fossler (Anyang) track equipment company (phase I) project was successfully powered on and put into perfect trial operation. CEEG provided epoxy dry-type transformer and oil-immersed transformer for fossler (Anyang) track equipment manufacturing company (phase I) project, and made every effort to support fossler (Anyang) track equipment company to accelerate its development and explore the market.

  • Zhenhua Electric Group

    On December 19, 2017, 2021, CEEG photovoltaic group and Zhenhua heavy industry electric group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Nanjing Science and Technology Park, the headquarters of CEEG, aiming to jointly develop a 100MW photovoltaic power station project around the Mediterranean region centered on Turkey.