Zpsg dry type rectifier frequency conversion transformer

Kategorie:Dry type transformer series


Product category: Product Center dry-type transformer series

Product Description: protecting motor, saving energy and increasing efficiency

Novel, changeable and harmonious;

Good heat dissipation performance and strong overload capacity;

Energy saving and environmental protection.

Product details and performance introduction:

The utility model relates to a dry-type rectifier frequency conversion transformer room, which is a device for providing polyphase rectifier power supply for medium and high voltage frequency converters.

The product is mainly used in boiler fan and water supply system of power plant, as well as automatic control system of metallurgy, chemical industry and urban municipal engineering.

We have carefully developed various types of dry-type rectifier transformer, and fully considered the mature technology of ZnOx in the development of high-voltage rectifier transformer.

The products include 9-phase, 12-phase, 18-phase and 27 equal self cooling and air-cooled rectifier frequency conversion transformers.

This type of transformer has the remarkable characteristics of small volume, strong overload capacity, small partial discharge, strong short-circuit resistance, flame retardant, low noise and 40% energy saving.

Technological innovation:

1. The secondary side adopts the extended triangle connection method to reduce the harmonic component of the input current;

2. Domestic manufacturers that passed the test of the National Transformer Quality Supervision and inspection center earlier;

3. At present, domestic manufacturers of large specification and capacity frequency conversion transformers;

4. The secondary side is phase shifted, and the lead adopts layered structure, with beautiful shape.