SG (b) series non encapsulated class H dry type transformer

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Product category: Product Center dry-type transformer series

Product Description: Nomex Paper Insulation, environmental protection and safety

Safety, reliability and environmental protection;

Low noise and maintenance free;

Strong overload capacity and high temperature resistance.

DuPont leilitong transformer core technology.

Product details and performance characteristics:

Better electrical and mechanical properties

DuPont's MEB insulation system is based on the MEB series. Maintain better electrical and mechanical properties throughout the service life of the transformer. Nomex is not easy to aging, anti shrinkage agent and anti compression. In addition, it has strong elasticity, so it can ensure that the coil of the transformer remains tight and can withstand the pressure of short circuit even after several years of use.

High security

SG series transformer has no combustible resin, does not support combustion during use, can be flame retardant, will not explode and release toxic gases, will not cause harm to the environment, other equipment and human body, and is not sensitive to humidity, dust and pollution; No partial discharge and no possibility of "cracking" during operation.

high reliability

The high and low voltage coils are made of Nomex insulating material, impregnated with H-grade solvent-free impregnation paint for many times by VPI vacuum pressurization equipment, and baked and cured at high temperature for many times. The product is class H (180 ℃), while the main insulating material is class C (220 ℃), with strong overload capacity and good short-circuit resistance. Under the condition of good ventilation, 20% overload operation is allowed.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

After the end of product life, steel, iron and other materials are easy to recycle;

All used Nomex Paper will not release toxic substances when burning;

Other insulating materials can degrade without polluting the environment;

Low loss and energy saving of products;

Low noise and flexible design.

Iron core

The iron core is made of 0.3mm thick silicon steel sheet with high magnetic conductivity, 45 degree full oblique three-stage lap, no punching, no pull screw, and the surface is coated with insulating paint, which is moisture-proof, rust proof, low loss and low noise.

High voltage coil

The high-voltage coil adopts a continuous structure with high mechanical strength and good heat dissipation conditions, which avoids the disadvantages of high voltage between layers, poor heat dissipation capacity, easy thermal breakdown and low mechanical strength of multi-layer cylindrical coil, so as to improve the reliability of product operation; Excellent moisture-proof performance, more able to withstand thermal shock, never crack, local discharge < 5pc, easy to decompose and recover after service life, so as to protect the environment.

Low voltage coil

The low-voltage coil adopts foil type or longitudinal airway high current spiral structure. SG10's low-voltage longitudinal airway high current spiral structure coil technology is advanced.

Advanced detection, test and temperature control system

Carry out strict test and inspection according to national standards before delivery, and list partial discharge test as delivery test items.

The temperature measuring device adopts an advanced dry-type transformer temperature controller, which reflects the temperature of the winding through the change of the resistance of the platinum thermistor embedded in the three-phase low-voltage winding.

Integrating specific temperature, it has the functions of overtemperature alarm, overtemperature trip, three-phase temperature tour display and so on.