Offshore platform transformer

Kategorie:Dry type transformer series


Product category: Product Center dry-type transformer series

Product Description: super insulation, three anti vibration

"Three Prevention", anti vibration and environmental protection;

High protection grade, up to IP44;

High insulation grade and strong overload capacity.

Product introduction:

The marine (offshore platform) transformers produced by the company are dry-type self cooling (air-cooled) transformers, which can be used as power supply, lighting and isolation equipment in the power grid; The insulation level can be divided into B, F and H levels; The capacity of marine low-voltage transformer is 2000kVA and below, and the voltage grade is 1kV and below. The capacity of marine heavy voltage and offshore platform transformer is 8000kVA and below, and the voltage grade is below 10kV.

The company has strong technical force and can design and produce products of various special specifications according to the requirements of customers.

Performance characteristics:

Cabinet modularization

The cabinet adopts modular disassembly, which is convenient and fast to install.

Reduce noise

Adopting the structure of threading screw, the effect of reducing noise is obvious.

Special process

The coil is painted for many times, and the electrical and mechanical connectors adopt special technology to enhance the "Three Prevention" performance.

45 ° cold rolled silicon steel sheet

The core material is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which is carefully stacked at 45 ° full tilt.

Stuffing box

The box body of the transformer is provided with a stuffing box for cable access. The stuffing box is located on the left or right side. The incoming and outgoing lines of transformers with a capacity of 500KVA and above are generally in and out from the bottom. Cable holes are set on the transformer base, and the devices for preventing cable scratch and fixing cables are installed.

Service conditions:

Ambient temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Relative humidity ≤ 95%

Vibration and shock generated when working in the installation site of transformer

Swing angle ≤ 22.5 °, tilt angle ≤ 15 °

It has the effects of condensation, oil mist, salt mist and mold.