Mining Mobile Substation

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The modular design scheme is flexible and easy to move

Module design, green and environmental protection;

High reliability and convenient installation.

Product introduction:

Modular design, flexible installation and convenient movement

Ky-yb-35 (10) / 6 (0.4) mining mobile substation is divided into two basic types: mining vehicle type and mining sled type. Mining vehicle mounted substation is a combination of high-voltage switch room, transformer room and medium and low-voltage switch room with special transport flat car. It can be towed by ordinary trucks for transportation and movement, and supply power for various mine surface mining equipment with strong mobility. The mining sled type substation is a complete set of box type substation devices assembled on the sled shaped and specially strengthened steel chassis and placed on the flat ground of the mine power supply site without foundation. It is dragged and transferred by the tractor when necessary, which is suitable for open-pit mining and mobile power supply in remote areas.

Service conditions:

a. Ambient temperature + 40 ℃ ~ - 25 ℃;

b. The altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters;

c. When the relative humidity reaches 950 ℃ for a short time, the relative humidity is not allowed to exceed 950%;

d. Installed in a place without fire, explosion hazard, chemical corrosivity and violent vibration;

e. Special use conditions can be determined through negotiation with our company.

Product structure:

This series of mining mobile substation is generally composed of high-voltage switch room (including electric energy metering), transformer room, medium and low-voltage switch room, etc. DC power supply panel and relay protection room can be equipped as required. These parts can be made into integral type or component type.

The box body is welded into a frame by section steel (channel steel and angle steel), covered with aluminum alloy plate (composite sandwich plate, galvanized steel plate and stainless steel plate). The top cover of the box body is a double hollow structure, and the top surface is made into a slope shape, which can prevent ponding. All boxes are coated. The box transformer adopts the combination of natural ventilation and forced ventilation, and uses air conditioning and anti condensation device to control temperature and humidity. All functional units and channels are equipped with lighting devices to facilitate operation and maintenance.

High pressure chamber

The high-voltage switch of this series of mining mobile substation mainly adopts: high-voltage load switch, fuse combination, vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum load switch and SF6 circuit breaker, which are equipped into fixed switch cabinet or movable switch cabinet.

Transformer room

The transformer can be oil immersed power transformer, fully sealed oil immersed power transformer, on load voltage regulating power transformer and various types of dry-type power transformer. When equipped with 35kV oil immersed power transformer, the capacity generally does not exceed 2000kVA. When equipped with 35kV dry-type power transformer, the capacity is one

Generally not more than 1600KVA. The medium voltage switch room of (6kV) and lOkV box transformer can adopt 10kV disconnector, load fuse combination, vacuum circuit breaker and SF6 load switch, which can be assembled into fixed cabinet or hxgn and KYN handcart cabinet, and can be equipped with 10kV capacitor compensation device.

Low voltage room configuration

In the 0.4kV low-voltage chamber of 35 / 0.4kV direct transformer box transformer, various knife fuse switches, universal circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, intelligent circuit breakers, AC contactors, vacuum contactors and fuses are often used to form a fixed switch cabinet or withdrawable switch cabinet. Of course, the finalized complete set of switchgear is widely used. The basic series include: GGD, GCK, GCS, MNS and other withdrawable switchgear and capacitor compensation cabinet.

The relay protection room of 35kV box transformer can be equipped with DC screen, converter screen, relay screen, microcomputer protection screen, simulation screen, communication screen and substation microcomputer integrated automation system, which are mainly configured according to the requirements of users.

In short, all electrical components, accessories, equipment and materials of mining mobile outdoor box type substation are domestic and international famous brand products, which are of high quality, durable and can withstand the assessment of long-term operation in harsh environment. The design is reasonable, the quality is reliable, the operation is safe, economical and practical.

Installation, use and maintenance:

After the installation or maintenance of mining mobile transformer, the following items shall be inspected and tested before putting into operation.

1) Check whether the box is intact and clean;

2) Whether the operating mechanism is flexible, whether there is jamming and excessive operating force;

3) Whether the on-off of main electrical appliances is reliable, accurate, flexible and normal;

4) Whether the transformation ratio and wiring polarity of instrument transformer are correct, whether the auxiliary contact of electrical appliances is accurate and reliable, whether the setting value meets the requirements, and whether the fuse core specification is correct. Whether the wiring of main circuit and auxiliary circuit meets the requirements of electrical schematic diagram;

5) Whether all electrical installation bolts and nuts are tightened, whether electrical installation is firm and reliable, and whether there is damage. Whether the bus connection, supporting porcelain bottles, clamping parts and accessories are intact, firm and reliable;

6) The resistance of the guaranteed grounding system (between the main grounding point of each room and the guaranteed grounding conductor) shall be less than 0.1 Ω;

7) All relevant departments shall conduct withstand voltage test according to corresponding voltage level;

8) The insulation resistance of low-voltage circuit and secondary circuit measured with 500V megger shall be greater than 2m Ω;

9) During operation, the transformer oil shall be sampled and analyzed once a year. The lightning arrester shall be subject to preventive test before the thunderstorm season every year. Check the contact condition of the load switch once a year and repair it in time. After each tripping of the low-voltage switch, the reason shall be found first, and the switch can be closed only after the fault is eliminated.

The mining mobile substation can only be operated and maintained by qualified professionals or personnel approved according to the specified procedures.

Ordering instructions:

1. Primary scheme drawing, and indicate the color of the substation;

2. Outdoor environmental conditions used in the substation;

3. Name and power of load equipment in substation;

4. Selection requirements of components in substation.