Semi buried prefabricated substation

Kategorie:Box type substation series


Product category: product center box type substation series

Product Description: compact structure and novel shape

Strong integrity, compact structure, safe and reliable operation;

Beautiful appearance, fast installation and convenient construction;

Easy operation and high reliability.

Product introduction:

About 1 / 3 or 2 / 3 of the height of the whole box transformer is directly buried underground, which effectively reduces the ground height, does not block the sight of pedestrians and drivers, and makes the equipment more harmonious with the environment; The underground part adopts steel structure framework, and the shell of sealed bottom tank structure is made of BFE high-strength cement short glass fiber composite material; The electrical scheme configuration is flexible, high-voltage ring network or terminal can be used, and the low-voltage adopts fixed type or panel type, which is flexible and diverse; The production cycle is short and the foundation is simple. Only the cushion can be installed, and the backfill can be compacted directly after the cable is connected, so as to save foundation materials and shorten the construction period.

Service conditions:

1. Compact structure, novel and unique shape;

2. Small size, high strength and long service life;

3. Simple operation and high reliability;

4. Highly coordinated with the environment, green and healthy environmental protection products;

5. The structure of the lower part of the ground is cast with reinforced concrete and special anti-seepage curing materials, which has the characteristics of waterproof, anti freezing, anti leakage, anti-corrosion and so on;

6. Simple manufacturing process and short production cycle;

7. Easy installation. The box transformer is divided into the upper part of the ground of metal structure and the lower part of the ground of non-metal structure

8. Bury the non-metallic part under the ground and connect the cable without special foundation;

9. Low voltage adopts fixed cabinet or panel type, which is flexible and diversified;

10. The high-voltage part adopts imported combined high-voltage ring network cabinet (Schneider) with high reliability, easy operation and good performance.