Amorphous alloy prefabricated substation

Kategorie:Box type substation series


Product category: product center box type substation series

Product Description: low loss, high output, obvious energy-saving advantages

Strong integrity, compact structure, safe and reliable operation;

Beautiful appearance, fast installation and convenient construction;

Easy operation and high reliability.

Product introduction:

Ybh series amorphous alloy prefabricated substation is mainly a complete set of indoor and outdoor power transformation and distribution devices composed of high-voltage switchgear, amorphous alloy transformer and low-voltage switchgear. The difference between ybh series amorphous alloy prefabricated substation and ordinary substation is that the iron core of power transformer is made of non-gold alloy strip with less no-load loss and better strength, which ensures low loss and Superior performance of low heating.

Service conditions:

a. Ambient temperature + 40 ℃ ~ - 25 ℃;

b. The altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters;

c. The relative humidity shall not exceed 95% (+ 25 ℃), and it is allowed to reach 100% in a short time;

d. Installed in a place without fire, explosion hazard, chemical corrosivity and violent vibration;

e. Special use conditions can be determined through negotiation with our company.

Product structure:

The box body is a frame structure, which is welded with section steel or assembled from steel plate. The frame is covered with special paint layer, which has strong mechanical performance, weather resistance and anti-corrosion performance. When the prefabricated (box type) substation is an integral structure, the box is divided into three relatively independent chambers, namely high-voltage chamber, transformer chamber and low-temperature chamber. The lighting of each room is automatically opened and closed with the opening and closing of the door.

The top of prefabricated (box type) substation is provided with thermal insulation layer to prevent condensation due to the rapid change of temperature in the box in high temperature and cold areas. Thermal insulation layer can be added around the box. The transformer box is equipped with automatic temperature stabilizing device and low-voltage control room.

Box structure:

High pressure chamber

The high-voltage room is equipped with high-voltage ring network cabinet or kyn28 cabinet type, with perfect "five prevention" function. The high-voltage switch can be of compressed air type, gas production type, sulfur hexafluoride load switch and vacuum circuit breaker. The high voltage cabinet has various protection functions such as short circuit and overload to the transformer.

Transformer room

The transformer adopts the transformer with iron core made of new amorphous alloy strip, which has smaller magnetic retention, higher resistance coefficient and thinner. In the actual use process, the main advantages of this transformer are:

1. The no-load loss is 70% ~ 80% lower than that of ordinary dry transformer, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable;

2. Nomex Paper insulation system is adopted, with high flame retardant, explosion-proof, fire-proof grade, high heat-resistant grade (H grade) and stronger overload capacity;

3. With small partial discharge, high insulation level and long service life, the product has better environmental protection advantages.

Low pressure chamber

The low-voltage chamber is divided into two assembly forms: internal operation and external operation. Metering cabinet, main incoming cabinet, outgoing cabinet, capacitor cabinet and connecting cabinet (when two transformers are installed) can be installed indoors, which has the overall function of low-voltage switchgear. Generally, the metering cabinet and the main switch cabinet are integrated, that is, the upper part of the cabinet is instrument, metering box, and the middle and lower part is automatic air switch, lightning arrester and transformer. The capacitor cabinet can be manually or automatically controlled for automatic compensation. The capacitance reactive power compensation capacity is generally 15-30% of the transformer capacity.

Ordering instructions:

The primary scheme drawing of the project, and indicate the color of the substation;

Outdoor environmental conditions used in the substation;

Name and power of load equipment in substation;

Selection requirements of components in substation;

Name, location and contact information of the project;

Provide the power grid characteristics of the project location;