S11 series 35kV Power Transformer

Kategorie:Oil immersed transformer


Product category: product center oil immersed transformer

Product Description: high temperature resistance and low noise

High temperature resistance;

Low noise;

Maintenance free.

Leadership details

Technological innovation:

1. Corrugated oil tank;

2. Seven level temperature control technology to ensure safe operation;

3. Nomex Paper Insulation System;

4. High temperature resistant oil;

5. The robot is fully automatic lamination and adopts a fully inclined 45 degree 7-step seam structure.

35kV product performance characteristics

1. Low loss

The iron core is made of high-quality high magnetic conductivity cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the Swiss iron core full-automatic lamination machine is used for longitudinal and transverse shear, and the multi-level full oblique seam full-automatic lamination. The iron core binding adopts the overall pressurization and pet tape binding process, which effectively reduces the no-load loss and no-load current of the transformer.

2. Low noise

The noise of oil immersed self cooling transformer is mainly caused by the electromagnetic noise of iron core. In order to reduce the noise, our company has taken the following measures:

Low flux density design

High quality high magnetic conductivity silicon steel sheet

Swiss automatic laminating machine is used to control the lamination accuracy

Reliable clamping and supporting measures

Special shock absorption measures;

3. No leakage

The oil tank and oil conservator shall undergo positive pressure and negative pressure leakage test to ensure that there will be no oil leakage during normal operation of the product. The components are installed with flange groove structure and formed at one time. All seals are made of high-quality one-time formed acrylate rubber parts to prevent oil leakage.

4. Strong short circuit resistance

In order to ensure that the transformer can withstand the impact of short-circuit current and will not cause any thermal and mechanical damage under the action of short-circuit current under the condition of applying rated voltage on the primary side and complete short-circuit on the secondary side, our company has taken the following measures during design and manufacturing:

(1) The reasonable ampere turn balance calculation of transformer coil adopts semi hard copper wire.

(2) The strength and stiffness of iron core clamping parts are calculated to meet the safety requirements of maximum short-circuit mechanical force.

(3) The winding cushion block is densified and made of high-density hard paperboard.

(4) The winding adopts the reasonable structure of uniform distribution and compression of pressure blocks, with uniform assembly height and uniform stress, so as to ensure the ability of anti short circuit.

(5) Take some special measures to prevent the stress and deformation of the coil.