Xgn15-12 box type metal enclosed switchgear

Kategorie:Switch cabinet series


Xgn15-12 ring network cabinet is used for receiving and distributing electric energy in 3.6, 7.2, 12kV three-phase AC 50Hz system, especially suitable for places with frequent operation. The bus system is a single bus, and the single bus with bypass and double bus structure can be derived.

The switch cabinet meets the requirements of national standard GB3906 and international standard IEC298, and has the "five prevention" locking function proposed by two parts. It has the characteristics of reliability and rationality, high safety performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is an alternative product of 10kV fixed switchgear.

The incoming and outgoing circuit breakers, load switches and grounding switches are spring operating mechanisms. The circuit breakers and load switches are equipped with electric operating mechanisms, and the operating power supply is 220VAC or 24VDC / 110VDC.

PT cabinet is air cabinet, and the protection grade shall reach IP4X or above. The transformation ratio of the voltage transformer is 10 / 0.1kv, the accuracy level of the secondary side is 0.5, and the secondary capacity is 100VA. The zinc oxide arrester is configured in the PT cabinet, the arrester is connected to the bus side, and the heater is installed in the PT cabinet.

All switch cabinets are equipped with ammeters, Pt cabinets are equipped with voltmeters, which are installed in the secondary low voltage room. The cable head is a fully sealed structure and the neutral point is grounded.

Service environmental conditions:

1) Altitude: within 2500m

2) Minimum temperature: - 40 ℃

3) Relative humidity: the monthly average relative humidity shall not be greater than 90%; The daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%

4) Maximum temperature: + 45 ℃

5) Seismic intensity: 8 degrees

6) Pollution level: Level III