GCK (L) low voltage draw out switchgear

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Details of GCK (L) low voltage draw out switch

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Product Description: modular design

Easy assembly

Good scalability

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Product introduction:

GCK (L) series withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is used in the system with AC 380V and below and rated frequency of 50Hz for power receiving, power feeding, reactive power compensation, centralized control of electric energy and motor.

This product conforms to the national standard GB7251 1-2005 / iec60439-1:1999 low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies and JB / t9661-1999 low voltage withdrawable switchgear assemblies.

Service conditions:

The ambient air temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃, not lower than - 10 ℃, and the average temperature within 24 hours is not higher than + 35 ℃;

The relative humidity of the surrounding air shall not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is + 40 ℃, and a large relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature, such as 90% at + 20 ℃, but it shall be considered that moderate condensation may occur occasionally due to the change of temperature;

For indoor use, the altitude shall not exceed 2000m;

It shall be installed in a place without violent vibration, impact and corrosive substances; If the above service conditions are exceeded, it shall be solved by the user and the manufacturer.

Technical parameters:

The overall dimensions of GCK (L) are all standard series dimensions; The height is 2200mm, the width includes three specifications of 600, 800 and 1000mm, and the depth includes two specifications of 800mm and 1000mm. The cabinet is orderly arranged, compact structure and small floor area.

The top of GCK (L) cabinet is equipped with horizontal bus, and the bottom of the cabinet is equipped with N line and PE line. The front of the drawer cabinet is the electrical room, and the rear of the assembly is the bus room, which is laid with vertical pluggable bus. The rear board of each drawer is equipped with two pairs of main circuit coupler sockets and one pair of 10A auxiliary circuit contact 6-20 docking plug-in.

Due to the reasonable combination mode, the total capacity of 600mm wide capacitor cabinet can reach 160 kvar, and the total capacity of 800mm wide capacitor cabinet can reach 240 kvar, making full use of the effective space in the cabinet.

With more advanced design and technology, the drawer unit has flexible operation and good interchangeability.

The height of functional unit cell is divided into three types: 200, 400 and 600mm. The cumulative effective installation unit height is 1800mm, and 1 / 2 functional units can be processed as required. The unit cabinet can be equipped with 18 1 / 2 unit drawers or one unit drawer at most.

Each functional unit has perfect and reliable operating mechanism, obvious switch opening and closing, drawer position marks, accurate limit and limited measures to prevent misoperation, so the operation is safe and reliable.

Technical performance:

In the PC scheme, it can meet the functions of power receiving, bus coupler and power feeding of 4000A and below. The domestic switches can be me, ah, rmw1, CW1 and hsw1, while the imported switches can be f and E series of ABB, Schneider m, MT, MW, MD series, Siemens 3wn, 3wt and Hyundai HiAN as the main switches, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

In the MCC scheme, it can meet the functions of 630A and below feed lighting, motor control and power compensation. The circuit breaker can select domestic CM1, hsw1, rmm1, sm30, imported Schneider ns, NSD series, Siemens 3vf series, abb s series and Hyundai Hib series as the protection switch, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

The power receiving main switch has instantaneous, short delay, overload and grounding protection. Customers can choose the protection form according to the needs of system cooperation. When a single bus section is adopted, the bus coupler switch has the switching control mode of automatic switching and automatic recovery, automatic switching and non automatic recovery, and manual switching for customers to choose.

The motor control circuit has short-circuit instantaneous, overload, undervoltage, loss of voltage and open phase protection. The AC contactor can operate without noise and has the function of energy saving. The customer can select it according to the needs of the project.

See table for main technical data of switch cabinet.

Safety protection:

In order to improve the safety of operation and maintenance, the switchgear can be divided into different compartments according to different schemes, namely horizontal bus area, vertical bus area, functional unit area and cable area. Each area is separated by metal plate or insulating plate to form a closed spacing structure. When any unit fails, it will not affect the normal operation of other units and can prevent the expansion of the accident.

Each functional unit (drawer) has propulsion mechanism, interlocking mechanism, limit measures, etc. to prevent misoperation. When the drawer is in the connection position and the main circuit switch is powered on, the door cannot be opened and the drawer cannot be pulled out. On the contrary, if the switch is not in the off state, the drawer cannot be inserted. In order to ensure safety, the maintenance personnel can use padlocks to lock the switch in the opening position, and 4 padlocks can be added at the same time to ensure safe and reliable operation.