GCS low voltage draw out switchgear

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Product category: product center switch cabinet series

Product Description: modular design

Easy assembly

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Scope and purpose of use:

GCS low voltage draw out switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the device) is applicable to power plants, petrochemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building power supply and other industries. It is applied in places with high automation and computer interface requirements such as large power plants and petrochemical industries. It is used as power distribution, motor centralized control and reactor current limiting in power generation and power supply systems with three-phase AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380V and rated current of 4000A and below, Low voltage complete power distribution device for reactive power compensation.

The device complies with gb7231 1-2005 / iec60439-1:199 low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies and JB / t9661-1999 low voltage withdrawable switchgear assemblies.

Service conditions:

1. The device shall ensure its normal operation under the following service conditions:

A. The ambient air temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃, not lower than - 5 ℃, and the average temperature within 24 hours is not higher than + 35 ℃;

B. Atmospheric conditions: clean air. The relative humidity shall not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is 40 ℃, and higher humidity is allowed when the temperature is lower, for example, 90% when + 20 ℃, but possible condensation due to temperature change is allowed;

C. The altitude shall not exceed 2000m;

2. Special service conditions

A. If some electrical components used in the device cannot meet the above working conditions, our factory shall negotiate with the user.

B. When the operating conditions of the device are different from the normal operating conditions, it shall be solved by the user and our factory.

Structural features:

1) The main frame adopts 8MF open section steel, which is made of 2.5mm cold plate cold bending. There are sections with modulus of 100mm on both sides of the section steel Φ 9.2mm mounting hole;

2) There are two kinds of main frames: fully assembled structure and partially welded structure (side frame and cross beam);

3) Each functional room of the device is strictly separated, and its compartment is mainly divided into functional unit room, bus type and cable room. The functions of each unit are relatively independent;

4) The horizontal bus adopts the layout of flat arrangement behind the cabinet to enhance the ability of the bus to resist the short-circuit current electrodynamic force, so that the device can withstand the dynamic stable current of 176ka;

5) The cable spacing adopts the way of up and down incoming and outgoing lines;

6) A drawer is a functional unit;

7) The drawer is divided into four size series: half unit, one unit, two unit and three unit. The rated current of the circuit is 400A and below.

8) The change of drawer size is only the change of height, and its width and depth shall not be changed at will. The drawers of functional units can be interchanged.

9) Each unit can be equipped with 11 drawers of one unit or 22 drawers of one-half unit.

10) The inlet and outlet wires of the drawer shall adopt connectors with different pieces and the same specification according to the current.

11) The structure of 1 / 2 unit drawer and electricity charge room adopts back plate adapter

12) The transfer between the unit drawer and the cable room adopts rod adapters of different specifications according to the current.

13) The drawer shall be provided with obvious marks of opening, closing, test and withdrawal positions.

14) The drawer unit is equipped with mechanical interlocking device.