Kbdx-1 mining flameproof low voltage protection box

Kategorie:Special transformer series


Product category: Product Center special transformer series

Product Description: three chamber integrated explosion-proof and reliable

Explosion proof and reliable;

Higher accuracy;

Stable performance.

product details 

Technological innovation:

1. Three cavities in one, explosion-proof and reliable;

2. 1A step setting, higher precision;

3. Fault memory, password locking;

4. PLC protection, stable performance.


1. The core control system is composed of imported industrial programmable controller (PLC) and man-machine screen (got). Stable performance, accurate protection and simple maintenance.

2. The man-machine screen (got) is used to display the operation status, power parameters and faults, and the interface is displayed in Chinese LCD; Set the parameters in the man-machine screen, and the parameter setting has the function of password locking.

3. The current can be set continuously, and the step value is la.

4. It has independent circuit breaker chamber, disconnector chamber and wiring chamber; It can realize live overhaul, safe and reliable operation and maintenance.

5. It has the characteristics of small volume, reasonable structure and intuitive operation, and has double closing mechanism of electric and manual energy storage.

6. It has complete protection functions, including overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, leakage locking, phase loss, overtemperature, wind power and gas locking, emergency shutdown of superior power supply and other protection functions, and can protect the faults fed back from the low-voltage side of the shift transformer.

7. PLC intelligent protection has the functions of system self inspection, fault diagnosis, patrol inspection and memory, real-time detection and digital display of operation status and fault indication, which is convenient for system use, maintenance, fault judgment and processing.

8. Modular design, equipped with standard RS232 / 485 communication interface, with powerful remote communication and control functions.

9. All faults are broken by driving the vacuum circuit breaker at the high-voltage side through the signal line, so as to reduce the breaking current, and overcome the dead zone problem that the leakage from the low-voltage winding of the transformer to the low-voltage switch circuit can not be broken.

10. The protection box is divided into four circuit outgoing lines on both sides, which can meet the connection of multiple loads.