ZQSC (H) B series epoxy cast traction rectifier dry type transformer

Kategorie:Dry type transformer series


Product category: Product Center dry-type transformer series

Product Description: green power supply is safe and reliable

Green power supply, less electromagnetic radiation pollution;

The key technical parameters are well balanced to effectively reduce the amount of non characteristic harmonics;

Strong overload capacity and reliable operation under class VI load conditions.

Product details and technical innovations:

1. 24 pulse rectification, less harmonics;

2. Axial double splitting, eliminating the balance reactor;

3. Nomex Paper Insulation System;

4. 12 pulse operation of single unit;

5. Swiss robot automatic lamination.

Performance characteristics:

45 degree full oblique step seam core

The iron core adopts imported high-quality grain oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with high magnetic conductivity, 45 degree full oblique step joint, special square tube pull plate structure, and the core column is bound with insulating tape; The surface is coated with special resin to prevent moisture and rust, which effectively reduces no-load loss, no-load current and core noise.

Multilayer segmented cylindrical high voltage coil

The high-voltage winding conductor is wound with class F insulated copper conductor, reinforced with long and short cut glass fiber felt, and poured with epoxy resin mixture under vacuum (1 - 3mbar). Effectively restrain the occurrence of partial discharge, and the amount of partial discharge shall not exceed 5pc.

Low voltage coil with longitudinal airway foil structure

The low-voltage coil is wound on the automatic foil winding machine with high-quality foil conductor, argon arc welding, high welding precision; Prepreg DMD is used as interlayer insulation, prepreg glass fiber cloth is used as insulation inside and outside, the upper and lower ends are sealed with epoxy resin, and then enter the curing furnace for overall curing, with good moisture-proof performance;

Strong and beautiful protective shell

IP20 can prevent the entry of solids with a diameter greater than 12mm and resist accidental impact; In addition to the function of IP20, IP23 can also prevent the inflow of water droplets within 60 degrees from the vertical line, which is suitable for outdoor installation; Customizable.

Perfect temperature protection control device

The overheating protection device mainly realizes the temperature detection and control of the transformer through the PT thermistor embedded in the low-voltage coil. During the operation of transformer, the temperature value of three-phase winding is displayed on a tour; Display the temperature value of the hottest phase winding; Temperature rise alarm trip; Audible and visual warning and fan start; Fan overload protection and computer interface.