Sh15-m oil immersed amorphous alloy distribution transformer

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Product category: product center oil immersed transformer

Product Description: three phase three column unique

Energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reducing no-load loss;

The production of ultra-high voltage distribution transformers requires high quality;

Strict production management, scientific process design, advanced production technology and the shortest production process;

Leadership details

Performance characteristics:

Amorphous iron core greatly reduces no-load loss - energy saving

The transformer core is made of amorphous alloy strip, and the no-load loss is about 65% lower than S11.

Low voltage coil has strong short-circuit resistance - Safety

The low-voltage winding of the transformer is wound on a hard paper cylinder, which enhances the ability of the transformer to withstand short circuit.

Transformer maintenance free - convenient

High quality seals with strong anti-aging ability are used to make the transformer truly maintenance free.

High insulation performance - stable

DuPont Nomex insulation system is adopted, with high heat resistance grade up to grade F.